Bringing distinction and quality to alternative clothing

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Jed Phoenix of London brings distinction and quality to alternative clothing. It's alternative in many senses and it's proudly Made in Britain in limited numbers. If you're a renegade, a misfit, someone who doesn't quite fit the fashion of the High Street, we aim to provide a sense of tribe, with style. If you want punk couture, fetish inspired tailoring, smart goth garments, or dress-up escapism, the Phoenix Army is ready, with open arms, to welcome you...

We are currently re-thinking our online presence and have created a JedPhoenixStyle Etsy shop. We've started populating the Etsy shop with some products that aren't available on this website and some products that are. Our aim is to migrate more of our online shopping over to Etsy in the coming months and use this website as more of a portal that showcases photos from upcoming shoots, where our pop up shops will be and other scene happenings. Garments are still available to purchase via this website but do also check out our Etsy shop.

Jed Phoenix