Renegade ruffle skirt

* Waist Size:


  • renegade ruffle skirt in black drill with skull and rose print detail
  • trigger hooks and D rings allow ruffle to be easily removed
  • comes with button on braces to help hold the weight of the amount of fabric in the skirt
  • other fabric options available (please contact us for our bespoke service)
  • made in limited numbers in Britain


0 #1 Viviann Holås 2016-07-10 16:56
This skirt looks even better after it has been worn a little. It is a bit heavy because of all the fabric and clasps, but it comes with straps to hold it up, unless you got full hips, like me, then they aren't really neccesary. The waist is also fitted with elastic band, for a good and easy fit. It looks great with the governess corset as well. I find that all of Jed's designs can easily be mixed. The quality is superb, and you can get Jed to add the fabric you want instead of the one shown in the picture. (My skirt has a pinstripe detail on top of the ruffle-edge.) Because of the gap between the skirt and the ruffle you can easily change the look a bit with patterned or different coloured tights.

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