“You can see JPoL a mile off. A true brand of distinction"

Wear the lifestyle


For 20 years, Jed Phoenix of London clothing has been the punk, goth, fetish, alternative garments to be seen in. An aspirational designer and heavyweight of sub-culture history she is constantly inspiring the next generation of alternative lifestyle and clothing design.

Live the look

Jed has adapted with available resources to keep true to her slow-fashion ethics and punk ideals. It has been a very organic and a hands on evolution from this unassuming creative and incredibly talented artist. She has gone from selling t-shirts in Camden Town, international catwalk modeling and is now designing the next evolution of alternative wear.

She is an authentic being, living and breathing the alternative lifestyle. Her passion for the beautifully obscure and sustainability shows through in the garments she crafts.

“garments have to be beautifully crafted on the inside, as well as stunning from the outside”

Jed Phoenix

Meet the team

Photo of Jed Phoenix by Gaynor Perry

Jed is the founder and chief designer of Jed Phoenix of London. She started the business after a 3 year apprenticeship with corsetiere Velda Lauder. It was through Velda that Jed met Elaine, head seamstress at JPoL.

Photo of seamstress Elaine

Elaine has been sewing for over 20 years and has been freelance with Jed Phoenix of London since around 2003. Her work ethic and loyalty are second to none. Elaine's skill at manipulating fabric and stitching it together is a vital part of what makes JPoL the brand it is today.

Photo of intern Yvette

Yvette has been the Jed Phoenix of London intern since February 2015. She originally applied as an apprentice but fell just outside the age criteria. So she contacted JPoL directly and, after an interview, she became a part-time member of the team.

Photo of Sara Kedge

Sara is a freelance management consultant who has been working with the brand since the summer of 2014. One of Sara's first suggestions was to reframe the collection into 12 key character-based looks. It's with Sara's guidance that Jed now steers the direction of the brand.

Photo of Phil Walton

Phil and the growing team at Softforge are responsible for making this website be the best it can be. Jed has known Phil since 2006 and is constantly amazed at his knowledge of Joomla and his ability to problem solve. Phil's calm and hard working approach makes him a highly recommended web developer.

Jed Phoenix