Do you have a shop? Where can I try garments on before I buy?

An example of a Jed Phoenix of London pop up shopThe cost of renting and staffing a shop would mean that we'd have to put our prices up significantly. We don't want to do that. We know our style is a little quirky and not to everyone's taste so being on the High Street is not where we want to be. We also feel that it's more beneficial if we concentrate on doing "pop up shops". The benefits of these is flexibility of location. We do pop up shops at various places around the UK - in Birmingham, Whitby, Bradford, Sheffield, Cambridge and London. From 2016, we'll be rolling out our micro pop up shops and visiting more places, where you'll be able to see a selection of our products and make appointments to see more of our range. If you're in London and want to visit the Jed Phoenix of London studio, please contact us to make an appointment.

Can I have the outfit or garment in a different colour or fabric?

Yes. We charge 20% extra for garments if you want them made with a different colour or fabric, as part of our bespoke service. We have a range of standard fabrics that we use and can send you swatches of fabric if you email us, telling us your postal address. Please be aware that all bespoke garments are subject to different returns policies to off-the-peg garments.

Where are the garments made?

Pretty much all the garments we sell are made by a small team of slightly quirky and off-the-wall tattooed and pierced women The Jed Phoenix of London studioin a studio in south London. The exception to this are the Businessman shirts and the Governess shirts. We buy these shirts in from a supplier and add our own little twists. Why do we buy these shirts in? It's a simple matter of economics. We know they are made in a factory by people who's wages almost certainly aren't as much as we're used to in the UK. We also know that shirts of the quality we buy in would cost an awful lot more if we tried to make them from scratch ourselves and we can't justify the time or passing on the financial costs to you.

So the majority of the garments are made by you, from scratch?

Yes. Jed designs, cuts and prepares everything, with the assistance of Yvette the intern, and Elaine sews it together. Pretty much everything is made in-house, in the UK, where we can keep an eye on quality and tweak designs to your size, fabric and functionality specifications.

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