How goth is Jed Phoenix of London

Is Jed Phoenix of London gothic fashion?

Striking menswear and womenswear for gothsVisually, Goth could often be regarded as the missing link between fetish and punk – dark, flamboyant and often sensual attire, worn by those who go out of their way to seek something a bit different. There is no room in the Goth aesthetic for mediocrity – many Goths learn to make their own clothes or are willing to splurge to have a coveted item tailor-made – and so independent designers creating alternative fashion may well find that Goths become either their most demanding or most loyal customers.

 Jed Phoenix has a lot to offer for the Goth palate. One of the number one pet peeves I receive on my site regards the lack of unusual alternative clothing available for men. Yes, Tripp pants are great; yes, maybe we’d like something else now, thanks. Upon visiting the Jed Phoenix site, my attention was immediately drawn by the Japanese designs – certainly a step out of the norm for many Goth guys, which would make intriguing festival or club wear.

 Many of the ranges currently online lean towards a more corporate aesthetic; there is also a smattering of punk and a strong hint of industrial, creating a futuristic urban vibe that could make for edgy streetwear as easily as kinky bedroom or club outfits. The Military line in particular is versatile and eyecatching; easily mixed-and-matched with your trusty fishnets and boots for day or, well, I’ll leave it to your imagination to come up with ensembles for the bedroom!

Of course, the collection that I’m sure will capture most Goth girls’ hearts is the Pinstripe line; corporate and feminine in equal measure. The pinstripes and tailoring could give a possible hint of fetish, but the bustle skirts are so girly and irresistably elegant!

 And the best alternative designers always know that the customer likes it their way – many of Jed’s designs come Kilt for menwith self-tailoring options or other additional extras; a nice touch, because really, do you want to turn up at the party of the year wearing exactly the same kilt as the next Urban Squire? Nope, thought not.

 Would I recommend Jed Phoenix to the Goth community? Definitely. Each of the lines boasts hardwearing basics with a hint of grit and sex appeal; from fetish to military, corporate to punk, you can find a piece here that might just form the cornerstone of your entire look.

 Or to put it more simply – hands up, any Goth guy who doesn’t dream of owning a straitjacket?

Written by Amy from The Ultimate Goth Guide blog

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