Adventures in leather and building an Etsy shop

​Soft, sumptuous, genuine leather....​It's been a while since our last blog, so what's been going on? Well, we've bought an industrial walking foot machine and have started to make some of our iconic designs in gorgeous, soft, genuine leather. And that's been receiving a *lot* of attention. It took us a while to step outside of being the "alternati...
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Pro Dom wishlists

Promoting professional pervy practices!

example of finished wishlist accessible via the home menu when logged into Jed Phoenix dot comIf you are a Professional Mistress or Master, we invite you to create a wishlist on the Jed Phoenix of London website! From this, we will make your own dedicated page, promoting your services and your wishlist, and provide you with an easy-to-remember URL for you to share amongst your clients. We will also promote your page via our social networks, using kink-related hashtags. It's a win-win all round - matching eager kinksters with Pro Doms and enabling them to help keep professionals on the BDSM scene doing what they love to do.

Join Mistress Absolute, Miss Kim Rub and Mistress Helen Ryder by creating your very own wishlist. Here's how....

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Fashion photoshoot

Fashion designer meets photographer

engineer and seductress characters by JPoLThere's no denying that we live in a visual world. With the proliferation of photo-based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest comes a sense that brands constantly need to up their game in how their present themselves. Image seems to be everything. This is something that I've been aware that has been lacking with JPoL to some degree. I have focussed on building the substance and the quality of the designs, on creating the stories behind the characters in order to give them more depth. But in June 2015, I met, at least in the virtual sphere, someone who helped me up my game. Here's the story behind the fashion photoshoot…

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Sexhibition 2016

Designer Jed Phoenix of London on the catwalk at Sexhibition 2016

sexhibition jpol dan sales assistant

The lead up to Sexhibition 2016 was hectic. There was stock to prepare, new designs to finish and 10 outfits to gather together ready for the catwalk show. Sexhibition was also just over 200 miles away from the studio and Polly and I were aiming on getting there for load in before 10am on the Friday. So, what was it like and how did the show go?

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Club Rub medical night

Review of Club Rub Medical night

best dressed prize at Club Rub medical night August 2016

When: 13/08/2016

Where: Club Rub Medical Asylum

Held: The Garage Highbury Corner, Islington

Agenda: Enjoy a good night wearing JPoL

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Preaching to The Perverted review

American intern Katie reviews Preaching to The Perverted

preaching to the perverted memoriesIt's been twenty years since I had the privilege of being one of the featured extras in the cult British film Preaching to The Perverted. In 2013, I gave a couple of prizes in the Kickstarter campaign for the remastering of the film. Preaching to The Perverted is a big part of my past that has influence today and into the future. It is about a scene that is very close to my heart, and to my business. So when Katie, a fashion student from Nashville Tennessee came over to intern with Jed Phoenix of London, it seemed appropriate that she should watch this classic film. This is what she thought...

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Photoshoot at Murder Mile Studio

Yvette reviews our recent photoshoot

When: 24/07/2016

Where: Murder Mile Studios

Agenda: 2 photo-shoots for Jed Phoenix of London Clothing

Summary: Epically awesome day 

Where do I even begin to try to explain how awesome this photo-shoot was, on a scale of epic proportion, though to be expected, as Jed is not someone to do things by halves.

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Alternative picnic and Slimelight

day out with punks, goths and alternative folk in London

pre picnic punk with mohican

When; 09/07/2016

Where; Alternative picnic at Kenwood House/ Hampstead, leading onto the Unicorn Camden and Slimelight/Electroworks 

Agenda; Look fab in JPOL

Summary; Friendly fun and relaxed

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Combichrist and Filter gig

Yvette, the face of JPoL, goes to a Combichrist and Filter gig

yvette outside combichrist gigWhen; 03/07/2016

Where; Club Heaven

Gig; Filter and Combichrist

Agenda; Have fun looking fab in JPOL

Summary; Awesome gig with plenty of dancing.

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Recording of an interview with Mechanical Cabaret

In this, the first recorded and unedited conversation with figures from the alt scene, I chat with Roi from Mechanical Cabaret, an electro punk experimental synthpop disco noise band from London UK. I've known Roi and his work with Mechanical Cabaret since the early 2000s, after we were introduced by a mutual friend at The Electric Ballroom in Camden Town where I had my first ever stall selling my Obscure Label T-shirts. Our paths have crossed many times over the 16 or so years we've known each other. Mechanical Cabaret has written music for a Jed Phoenix of London promo video and Roi has worn JPoL both on stage with Mechanical Cabaret and for photoshoots for Jed Phoenix of London. In this half hour long chat, we discuss:

  • Mechanical Cabaret's new album Ortonesque
  • the drive behind creativity
  • and frilly knickers

(Apologies for the audio/visual quality on this debut interview. This was an experiment and it's through trial and error that we can improve! If you're unable to watch the Youtube video, you can download the 35MB audio file and listen offline)


Audio Download


To keep abreast of all things Mechanical Cabaret and to keep up to date about the release of Roi's new album Ortonesque, visit the Mechanical Cabaret website.

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Festivals, gigs and interviews

Calendar icon with pencilWith the busy summer season almost upon us, thoughts at Phoenix Towers turn to optimising time and energy to provide you with the best, most juicy content. Chances are, this will involve a bit of a shake up of our regular weekly blog posts. We want to give you more ideas about, more insights into, more connection with the alternative scene that welcomes wearers of the designs featured on this website. Here's more about what we have in mind with:
  • Win tickets to the London Burlesque Festival Big Day Out!
  • Bop along to Roi from Mechanical Cabaret!
  • Tell us who you want us to interview!
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Practical versus pretty packaging

Packaging products - tissue paper and shiny wrapWe live in a sensual world where experiences matter. What something looks and feels like can enhance an experience. Any fashion designer worth their salt knows that donning beautifully made clothes can help the wearer stand tall and feel confident as well as look good. But what about wrapping that the product arrives in? Doctor Geof from Fetishman has quite a lot to say on the matter as Polly and I discovered whilst at Whitby Goth Weekend. We recorded the conversation. Here's what happened (with a wee bit of editing):

  • How an artist views packaging
  • The question of practical over pretty packaging
  • Packaging as branding
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Worldwide goth

Selection of images of goths from WGT LeipzigAs I'm up to my eyeballs in prep for Whitby Goth Weekend, guest blogger Steve steps in to give his take on Dark Adapted Eye: A Gothic Odyssey, exploring Steve's desire to take a trip around the world to take in the sights and sounds of the rich tapestry that is Goth. If you've wanted to know what alternative sightseeing there is to be had on this colourful planet of ours, even if you have a liking for black clothes and parasols, read on. Steve's blog post has more on:
  • Goth in the UK
  • Goth in Europe and beyond
  • Why people worldwide are attracted to Goth?
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Punk philosophy and business

Punk with head in a viceThere are times when I realise how deeply ingrained punk philosophy has become in my life. When management consultant Sara Kedge asked me what my Big Hairy Arsed Goals were for my business, I was stumped. I’d never really thought about them. I’ve always just wanted to be happy, to have a lifestyle that I love and use my resources wisely. But does that mean that business is limited by punk ideology? Let’s explore more about:
  • Punk roots - what shaped my philosophy
  • Punk philosophy and business goals
  • Growth, success and remaining punk
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Goth in the mainstream

Fenty x Puma in Harpers Bazaar Black Magic Goth inspired fashionThis week's blog is by guest blogger and Goth expert Steve Cotterill. I've been spotting a lot of Goth-inspired fashion in the mainstream press as it has been quite a feature on the Fall 2016 catwalks. So I asked Steve if he had a view on this. Here are his thoughts on:
  • How the mainstream proliferates Goth
  • Does the mainstream just see Goth as black?
  • The authenticity of Goth in the mainstream
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What men can wear to a fetish club

A group of fetish club goersIn a month when my friend and web developer Phil won Best Male Dom, and it being just a few weeks away from Torture Garden's 25th birthday club night, what better subject to cover than what a man can wear to a fetish club? It can be a confusing matter, with a phlethora of dress code rules, financial considerations, and comfort options. With more and more people wanting to go to fetish clubs, to explore a different side of themselves, what to wear is something that is of concern, especially for men. Being someone who has been involved with the fetish scene for over two decades, and who makes clothes that cross over into the kink scene, here's my take on:

  • What is fetish and what can men wear?
  • Thoughts from others about men and fetish club dress codes

Non leather, latex and PVC options

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Upcoming pop up shops

Pop up shop at Resistanz music festivalHot off the heels of a mad March trip to Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar and thoughts turn to the next series of pop up shops. In this game it seems you certainly need a spring in your step - there's so much going on! Whitby Goth Weekend is just over 4 weeks away but there are events before and after that. Here's more about:
  • The final pop up shop at Resistanz Industrial Music Festival
  • A micro pop up shop focusing on menswear at LBB
  • Our first micro pop up at London Burlesque Festival
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Rosie Garland

Rosie Garland singer with The March VioletsRosie Garland is a creative talent and wearer of a JPoL tie. She's a singer, poet, performer and writer who has experience of the rock n roll lifestyle and been on Radio 4's Women's Hour. She has won awards and secured book deals. But it hasn't been all plain sailing. There have been many bumps along the way.This blog post, will go into more detail about: 
  • Rosie Garland, singer, writer and performer
  • Rosie Garland in the face of adversity
  • What's next for Rosie Garland
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