JPOL Ambassador Badge

Edit: June 2016

Due to demand, we have run out of Ambassador badges. We still want to give loyal tribe members lots of bonuses though. To stay abreast of what we're up to and the goodies we'll be giving away in the future, please connect with us on the network of your choice.

Here's some background about the ambassador badges though...

Who came up with the Jed Phoenix of London ambassador badge idea?

Jed Phoenix of London (or JPOL for short) has been in the business of designing, making and selling clothes since 1999 and over the years we've served and clothed a lot of people. Many of our customers come back time and time again so, in 2010, we started looking at ways to give something extra special to people who love what we do, who advocate JPOL as an alternative clothing brand, or otherwise help us in ways that are beyond just buying our products.

The first recipients of the purple, red, green and black JPOL ambassador badges were a couple who helped formulate the initial idea. Nick and Sonya bought a pair of strap bondage trousers from our alternative clothing stand at Erotica in 2009, became regular customers and then good friends. In August 2010, Nick and Sonya came and helped out at Infest. Their involvement in Jed Phoenix of London led to the creation of the different colours of ambassador badges.

What are they? How do I get a free JPOL ambassador badge?

* The Purple *humpa lumpa" JPOL ambassador badge is awarded if you are a brave, strong soul willing to help us load gridwall, mannequins and other heavy and unwieldy items into an event, such as BBB or LFF at the start of the day and/or back into the JPOL-mobile afterwards.

* The Green "generous greenback" JPOL ambassador badge is given to you if you buy £500 or more worth of our alternative clothing. If this isn't all in one purchase, however, we may need a little reminder of what you've bought and when, roughly. Our memories aren't what they used to be!

* The Red "show and tell" JPOL ambassador badge is handed over (or posted out) to you if you email us a photo of you wearing your JPOL gear, along with a testimonial about what you think of us as an alternative clothing brand, the quality of the goods we make, and whether you'd recommend us to your friends.

* The Black "beyond the call of duty" JPOL ambassador badge is a prized possession indeed! If you give a day or more of your time to assist us; if you help Jed Phoenix of London sell at a big event like Erotica, Infest or Whitby; if you write several specific articles for the website; or you design some artwork we use, you'll get the "beyond the call of duty" badge with extra special thanks from us at JPOL HQ.

Does the badge entitle me to anything? Free gifts, rewards or other special priviledges?

If you wear your JPOL Ambassador badge when you buy something from us at one of the events we do, you'll get an extra little something to go with your purchase. We want to thank you for your involvement in the Jed Phoenix of London alternative clothing brand. After all, without you, there would be no JPOL!




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