Do you make all the clothes?

Pretty much everything we sell is made by a small team of slightly quirky and off-the-wall tattooed and pierced women in the Jed Phoenix of London studio in south London. The exception to this is the mens and womens shirts. We buy the shirts in from a supplier and add our own little twists. Why do we buy the shirts in? It's a simple matter of economics. We know they are made in a factory by people who's wages almost certainly aren't as much as we're used to in the UK. We also know that shirts of the quality we buy in would cost an awful lot more if we tried to make them from scratch ourselves and we can't justify the time or passing on the financial costs to you.

So the majority of the garments are made by you, from scratch?

Yes. Jed designs, cuts and prepares everything and Elaine sews it together. Interns and other talented folk come and help from time to time too when we're really busy. But basically, everything is made in-house, in the UK, where we can keep an eye on quality and tweak designs to your size, fabric and functionality specifications.

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Do you have a shop?

The short answer is, we don't have one! Why? There are a few reasons:

- the cost of renting and staffing a shop would mean that we'd have to put our prices up significantly. We don't want to do that because we want to provide you with high quality, well made garments at an affordable price.

- location, location, location is often an issue with having a shop. If you want a shop in a great location, it'll cost a packet. If you're off the beaten track, people are less likely to find you by accident. Jed Phoenix of London is also a little quirky and not to everyone's taste and being on the High Street is not, we feel, where we want to be. We also feel that it's more beneficial if we have a "pop up shop" that we can bring closer to where you or other like-minded traders are.

- we like being flexible, with the ability to travel widely around the UK and further afield. Without a shop, Jed Phoenix of London is able to trade at monthly alternative events in the two biggest cities in the UK - namely London and Birmingham. We also pitch up at big industrial, goth and adult festivals like Infest, Whitby Goth Weekend and Erotica - events that attract visitor numbers of between 1,000 and 60,000 people.

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If you're in London and want to visit the Jed Phoenix of London studio, please contact us to make an appointment 

Can you send me a sample of the fabric that my item will be made from?

Of course! We always have off-cuts from the process of cutting the garments from the bolt of fabric. Just send us an envelope with a large letter stamp and your address on it, along with a note about which fabrics you'd like samples of, and we'll pop them in the post to you. Our mailing address is Jed Phoenix, 29 Marie Curie House, Sceaux Gardens, Camberwell, London, SE5 7DG, UK. Alternatively, just contact us.

Why it is better to measure?

How many times have you gone into one shop and found you were a size 14, and gone into the next shop to find you were a size 10? Unless it's a very long distance between the shops, it's often the case that different retailers use different suppliers and different suppliers size their garments differently. The truth is that there's no standard sizing that's both global and consistent. There was a shift in dress sizes around the turn of the 21st century. This was partly because of "vanity sizing", where designers, manufacturers and retailers wanted to make their customers feel better about themselves. 

Non-standardised sizing, vanity sizes and general inconsistency within the fashion and clothing industry can lead to confusion and customers buying the wrong size. That's why, here at Jed Phoenix of London, we prefer to go by the tape measure. We'll be editing a "How to measure" video very soon and we'll include a link to it right here when we're done. If you have any questions about how to measure your body, please do contact Jed (details at the top right of this web page). Of course, Jed is always on hand to take measurements at any of the events where we have a pop up shop. And the strap trousers, laced trousers, laced jacket, neo punk trousers and strap tailcoat all have flexibility of fit so you can adjust to fit.

Where can I try something on?

One major advantage of Jed Phoenix of London not having a static shop is that we travel to more locations in the UK with our pop up shop. We're at events in London and in Birmingham once a month and at annual festivals in Whitby and Bradford too. And, of course, you can always make an appointment and come and visit the JPOL studio in south London. Or, if what you ordered via the Jed Phoenix of London online shop doesn't fit properly, just let us know, send it back and we'll post a different size to you

How do I measure myself?

Having a friend help you measure yourself can be quite a giggle. Just make sure that you have a soft tape measure (rather than a steel DIY tape measure), a notepad and pen, and some instructions. We'll be editing a "How to measure your body" video soon and we'll put a link to it right here. In the meantime, if you need some guidance about what measurements are needed for a particular garment, and how to take those measurement, just call or email and we'll be happy to help.