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Feel like a warrior in this Japanese Samurai style kataginu

The kataginu with optional emblem is a marvellous way to top off your Japanese inspired Samurai outfit by Jed Phoenix of London. You can wear it with just a pair of hakama, or with the kimono and cummerbund style obi too. The kataginu is made from a heavy duty drill fabric. We aim to get the best that will hold the shape of the batwing style kataginu shoulders. This means that the fabric we have at the moment has a striking midnight blue hint to the blackness. The kataginu is fastened at the front in a typically unconventional JPOL fashion.

What colour would you like for the collar of your kataginu?

We take pride in our work with the aim that you will look great and feel fantastic in your Jed Phoenix of London outfits. One example of how we have developed such tough skin on our fingertips is the collar of the kataginu, the inside of which is stitched to the kataginu by hand to give it the appearance that it's held on invisibly. This is one reason why the kataginu is a made-to-order item. You can choose from our usual range of satins for your collar - from a subtle black, to a risky red, a striking silver to a beautiful blue.

How about a kataginu emblem?

Are you part of a Dojo? Do you have an emblem in mind for the back of your kataginu? Would you like to choose from one of the standard emblems we've already done? Just order your kataginu and return here to GO TO THE EMBLEM PAGE IN ACCESSORIES