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The first day

Hello, My name is Jennifer Withnall, although everyone calls me Jenni. I am studying a BA (Hons) Fashion at the University of the Creative Arts based in Epsom. Currently in my final year there, I chose to take up the enterprise pathway, which means I've gained experience designing for brands. I am here at Jed Phoenix of London, for my second internship.I chose to be an intern here as my love for the 'alternative' fashion and lifestyle play a large role in my life.


Therefore i am looking forward to gaining experience within this field of the fashion industry and also learning more about what is involved in the running of an alternative fashion company.As i want to go into window displaying as a career, I am also lookiing forward to helping out at Erotica later next month!

Having had an informal interview a few weeks ago, I started my internship yesterday, arriving at ten am, after an easy journey on the train. Finding my way was a great start and I received a walm welcome upon my arrival. I was immediately put to work alongside another Intern, Stephanie. We worked together cutting out pattern pieces which would later be made into sash's.Half way through our day we had some lunch, after this I helped Jed with some pressing of a variety of pattern pieces.As we completed everything which was needed to be done for the day Jed let us leave early. 

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