Ally the marketing work experience graduate

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Fashion marketing in a modern age

Ally the marketing work experience graduate

Marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix

My short but sweet marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix of London was one of the most valuable things I ever did for my career! I was studying fashion marketing at the time, which provided me with all the methods of marketing practice, but didn’t even touch online marketing.


What did I learn?

During my marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix I learnt how to use search engine optimisation for online marketing (I’d never even hear of the term before). It’s one of the most important ways to make sure your website is on top of the search engines. I learnt how to write copy for the web, making sure it was both readable, relevant and included key words and phrases.

What did I do?

I wrote articles for a couple of Jed's websites using certain keywords. Articles included product descriptions, event reviews. I would check areas of the website to see their position on Google and make amendments, and scout out the competitors. It was great having been taught new marketing techniques, then just handed a website to use them on!

Where am I now?

A few months after my marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix, I got my first web marketing role at Coffee Cake and Kink. Jed helped me prepare for my interview, suggesting that I check over their website and look for areas that I could improve on. Turns out that they knew little about online marketing and I was able to introduce new methods to their marketing strategy. My only real marketing work experience on my CV was with Jed Phoenix, and they even gave me a reference!

Jed Phoenix is a fantastic place to get valuable work experience, for both fashion and marketing. Even though I have moved on, Jed has always been there with answers to my marketing questions! THANKS JED!

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