Short bustle skirt

Short bustle skirt
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

  • sexy skirt with added swish!
  • front zip undoes from the bottom up
  • you can change the underbustle at the back to match your outfit
  • strong construction
  • machine washable (at 30 degrees)
  • free UK delivery

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Short skirt at the front, long bustle at the back!

If you love short skirts but feel a little uncomfortable because you might show a little too much when you bend over or sit down, then the short bustle skirt is for you. Not only does the detail on the back of this skirt swish from side to side as you walk, the long bustle at the back of this short skirt can act as an extra layer of protection when you bend down. It can also be scooped to one side and draped over your lap when you're sitting down and require a little more to cover your thighs.

Want to change the look of your skirt to match your accessories?

The two layers of fabric that create the long “bustle” at the back of this short skirt are laced in using cord and 36 D rings. This means that, in around 10 minutes, you can change the accent colour of your short bustle skirt. Just order one or more spare separate underbustles, watch our how to video and, viola!, a skirt with a new look!

(Photos - Simon Fairclough. Model - Heavenly Blazes. Make up - Anne Sarah Duncan. Shoes - Alternative Footwear.)


Saturday, 01 June 2013
The first item I ever bought from Jed was one of these skirts, with a green insert for the bustle. It fits me like a glove. I love the way the bustle swooshes behind. I've gone on to buy a matching jacket and cap.
Dolly Rotten
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
I've owned this striking skirt for a while.
The fit is great and the bustle transforms it into something really special. It looks fab on, swishes nicely, washes easily and gets attention! Plus, it's comfortable.
Juliet Fox