Asymmetric skirt

Asymmetric skirt
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

  • military style
  • eleven sizes as standard
  • riding crop pocket and riding crop included
  • machine washable (at 30 degrees)
  • free UK delivery

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Asymmetric skirt with riding crop.

This really is a military style skirt that's designed around a riding crop! Having been to a number of clubs over the years, Jed saw that there were a fair few people carrying riding crops around, either in their hands or tucked into their boot, so it seemed appropriate to design a garment that had a pocket for a riding crop. The asymmetric skirt was the result.

What other features does this military style asymmetric skirt have?

At the top of the pocket for the riding crop, there's a trigger hook. This not only looks good, it can also be used to secure the wrist strap of the riding crop, thus preventing sneaky subs or mischievious mitts from removing the riding crop from it's pocket. As the name suggests, this skirt is long on one side, necessary for the length of the riding crop pocket, but it's short on the other side. The shorter side houses the webbing and D ring detail. Undo the webbing from the D rings and you reveal a centre front zip. This zip undoes from the bottom upwards, enabling more movement if you need to stride faster, or a seductive way to reveal what is underneath the skirt!

(Photos - Simon Fairclough. Model - Ninka Majorova. Make up - Anne Sarah Duncan)


Saturday, 01 June 2013
This skirt is my favourite article of clothing by far.

I love having a riding crop to hand, as you never know when you're going to need

Like all Jed's clothing it's well made and fits me perfectly. I look and feel amazing when wearing it. It goes well with high heels or stompy boots.

Highly recommended.
Dolly Rotten