Waistcoats for men

Waistcoats for men
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

  • eye catching detail on back of waistcoat
  • self welt pocket – perfect for a pocket watch
  • double lines of stitching on all seams
  • satin back and lining is dry clean only
  • drill back and lining is machine washable (at 30 degrees)
  • free UK delivery

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Waistcoats for men with eye catching detail.

Are you an eye catching man who needs a waistcoat? Want to look dapper with a colourful twist? The Jed Phoenix of London waistcoat could be just the ticket. You can choose from different fabrics for the front of the mens waistcoat - pinstripe or black are the most popular. There's also a choice of fabrics for the lining and the back to contrast with the bias, buttonhole elastic and webbing detail on the back panel of the waistcoat.

Using the waistcoat pocket for a mens pocket watch?

The Jed Phoenix of London waistcoat for men features a pocket that's great for something like a credit card or a wedding ring. If you want to add a pocket watch, we can give you that added functionality by hand-sewing an extra button onto the front of your waistcoat to which you can attach the JPOL fob fastening.

 (Photos - Simon Fairclough. Models - Phoenix Risen, Cocaine James.)




Tuesday, 28 May 2013
The waistcoat is an exceptional piece of dress wear, paired with the bondage trousers this looks stunning. craftsmanship is fantastic and the service spot on.
Araon Hartley
Monday, 25 February 2013
Got this waistcoat a wee while back and I love it to bits. IT works so well for so many occasions.

the quality is great, only problem is I need a red one too now .
Can you get red pinstripe? or is the stripe always white?
Douglas Izzard
Sunday, 24 February 2013
I love this waistcoat. Really.

Smart, well cut, fitted like the proverbial glove right out of the box. Perfect. I can wear it with so many things out of my wardrobe, and not just JPOL gear. Mind you, looking forward to pairing it with the military style trousers I’m aiming for next.

You know you’ve picked the right piece of clothing when you visit your favourite café and are scowled at by some buttoned-up old crone in a twin-set after she catches sight of the back of the waistcoat. Victory!

How would she have coped if I’d worn my JPOL coat?!
Iain Lowson
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