Shirts for men

Shirts for men
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

  • quality easy care fabric
  • darts added to give more shape
  • eyelets and removeable bullet spikes in the collar tips
  • cufflink holes and buttons on the cuffs
  • free UK delivery

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Shirts for men who like the option of an added alternative twist.

Looking for a shirt that's a little different to the norm? One that you can dress up or dress down slightly? The Jed Phoenix of London shirts for men are available in black, white, red or purple and have metal eyelets in the collar in the location where you would normally find a buttonhole on an Oxford style shirt. The shirts for men come with screw on spikes that fit into these eyelets. Alternatively, you can create a different look by putting a bolt through the eyelets of your mens shirt.

Added darts that give more shape and detail to your mens shirt.

These shirts for men are one of the only garments that Jed Phoenix of London buys in ready-made and then modifies. As well as the eyelets, we also add darts at the front and the back of the mens shirt so that they are more fitted than the original garment. The way we sew these darts means they become a feature, drawing the eye more to the centre of the body.

Accessorize with a tie, braces or a pair of exclusive Jed Phoenix of London cufflinks!

In 2010, we started buying in, and modifying, shirts for men that had both buttons and cufflink holes on the cuffs. This was to accommodate the new, exclusive and limited edition Jed Phoenix of London cufflinks (the first batch of 50 are a striking silver Jed Phoenix logo on a black background). If you are partial to accessorising your alternative clothing look with other eye catching details, check out the Jed Phoenix of London ties, braces, cufflinks or tie pins in the accessories section.

(Photos - Simon Fairclough. Model - Phoenix Risen.) 


Friday, 07 June 2013
What can I say? Jed Pheonix wear *always* gets positive comments from people in the scene when I wear them. These shirts are high quality, well made, and look....fantastic!
colin forshew