Lace up jacket

Lace up jacket
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  • adjustable fit
  • unisex
  • facing fabric of your choice
  • machine washable (at 30 degrees)
  • free UK delivery

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Unisex adjustable lace up jacket with D ring and strap detail.

The bondage, military style lace up jacket is unisex and is adjustable in it's fit. There are webbing straps around the sides, lacing at the back and elastic straps at the front to adjust the fit around the waist. The lace up jacket is a great accompaniment to the bustle skirt for the ladies and the lace up trousers for the men.

Strong construction and attention to detail

The lace up jacket, like all the garments we make, is well constructed with a focus on durability as well as style. The lacing on the back runs through a series of D rings, rather than eyelet tape, as we feel that this is a much stronger and longer-lasting method of adding adjustable lacing detail.

A choice of front facing fabrics if you want a splash of colour.

The lace up jacket has a front facing - a piece of fabric that provides the other half of the "bread" of the centre front zip sandwich. This front facing is available in a range of colours and patterned fabrics, including, amongst others, red, blue, silver or black satin and urban, woodland or marine camo. If you want a more temporary splash to colour, you can thread ribbon through the D rings at the back of the lace up jacket. Ribbon is available by the metre here.

(Photos - Simon Fairclough. Model - Cocaine James.)


Wednesday, 25 September 2013
The coat arrived today and is beautiful. W Thanks!
Xaria Byron