Hakama pants

Hakama pants
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  • top stitched pleats
  • all-round crotch zip
  • modesty panels
  • webbing belt with secure fastening
  • machine washable (at 30 degrees)
  • free UK delivery

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Traditional Japanese hakama pants with a twist.

These wide legged Japanese inspired hakama trousers are based on a traditional pattern but have a few very modern twists to them. Firstly, all the pleats are both pressed and top stitched so that they stay firmly in place - thus doing away with the need to learn how to fold the hakama in the correct was to maintain their pleats - so you can look sharp at all times! Secondly, the belt of these hakama pants is made from 50mm webbing. This heavy duty and hard wearing webbing is fed through slide bars that allow the fit to be adjusted but also very secure. (Don't let the term “slide bar” put you off – after sliding the slide bar along the webbing to get the perfect fit, the webbing belt can be locked very securely in place by doubling the webbing back on itself and back through the slide bar).

Easy access hakama pants!

Unlike the traditional Japanese hakama, gaining access to certain areas of these is very simple, thanks to the all round head-to-head crotch zip. No more undoing the hakama to go to the toilet, or having to aim down a carefully gathered hakama leg! Pockets? Do these hakama have pockets? We've designed these hakama with this thought in mind and added some D rings on the webbing belt that are ideal for attaching a Jed Pheonix of London utility pocket sporran to. There are sets of D rings on both sides so if you've got more to carry than will fit in one pocket, or you want to look more symmetrical, why not buy two? The utility pocket sporrans are able to be attached to many other garments too.

(Photos - Simon Fairclough. Models - Phoenix Risen & Cocaine James. Boots - Alternative Footwear)


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