So who are the people behind the alternative clothing brand Jed Phoenix of London?

JPOL is a small independent alternative clothing brand. All our designs are produced in the Jed Phoenix of London studio in south London. The main member of staff is Jed Phoenix, proprietor and chief designer. Here's who else is involved...

Elaine, chief machinist in the JPOL production studio

Elaine is a whizz on the industrial sewing machine. She has over 20 years experience and has been a part time freelance machinist at Jed Phoenix of London since around 2003. They met through Velda Lauder, designer of fine British couture corsets, who Jed used to model for at clubs such as Heaven and Torture Garden. Elaine splits her time as a freelance machinist between the corsetiere Velda Lauder, Miss Libby Rose and the alternative clothing brand JPOL.


Phil, Director of Softforge, head of DNS and website geekery

Where would the Jed Phoenix of London website be without the knowledge and patience of Phil from Softforge Ltd. Jed met Phil at the London Alternative Market in 2006. Through Jed making the tall and slim Phil a bespoke pair of strap trousers, they developed a strong friendship and working relationship. Phil says:

"Ok, so I am the geek of the outfit...someone has to know how to plumb a reverse DNS.

I got involved with Jed after meeting at the first ever LAM. I did what all nightmare customers do and said I liked what I saw but wanted different. Jed kept her cool and managed to satisfy my desire for shiny buckles. The trousers were a great success, being slim can be a real pain when it comes to getting the clothing to actually fit! But the JPOL stuff is just amazing and self tailoring was the concept I had needed all these years."

The admiration is mutual. Without the help of Softforge, Jed Phoenix of London wouldn't have such a cool website.

Ally, head of marketing

Photo of Ally, head of marketing at Jed Phoenix of LondonAlly was previously an intern for JPOL where she began her marketing career, flitting between various marketing jobs before becoming a permanent member of the JPOL team. With a background in textile design, illustration and fashion marketing, Ally takes care of any visual JPOL marketing material, writes content and helps to increase website visibility. Ally is a prime example to show if you volunteer for the right company, your work will pay off!

Fashion intern

Are you a fashion student who wants some hands on experience of what it's like to work with an alternative clothing brand? Would you like to work with Elaine, DD and Jed in the JPOL production studio? Jed Phoenix of London offers the opportunity to become a fashion intern. For more information about this, check out our fashion internship vacancy page.

Here's what two of our previous interns have said:

Katie was part of the JPOL team from January until June 2008. She has now gone back to Leeds University to finish her fashion degree. Here's her account of her time doing a fashion internship with an alternative clothing brand:

"I'm a student at Leeds University, currently on my 3rd year, out in industry doing work experience with Jed. I found out about Jed Phoenix on the internet and thought the designs looked great and I really wanted to learn how to made make fetish clothing and a bit about how the industry works. I'm with Jed two days a week, cutting, prepping and sewing garments. It's all really interesting and I'm learning a lot to take back to university with me and hopefully into a fetish career of my own. The team is really good fun and I enjoy my days as part of it."

Sade was an intern at the JPOL alternative clothing brand from September to December 2009.

"Doing a fashion course in Holland made me wonder what it was like to work in London in the fashion industry. I have always liked the way small companies work and do everything themselves.
I got involved with Jed Phoenix on the internet. The webse was aweome and look really proffesional and also the desgins looked nice. And instead of doing things i already know about I wanted to look at thngs i havent done yet. So I applied for Jed Phoenix.
And since I started I have been learning so much!"

You can read a more detailed account of what it's like to be a fashion intern at Jed Phoenix of London's alternative clothing brand by visiting our blog.