...I always get comments about the skirt wherever I wear it...

Mistress La Luna a.k.a Mistress Manners

...The clothes are well made, beautifully styled and totally original...

London Faerie

...stylish and debonaire, funky and in your face...

Sherrie Thomson, Sheffield

The biggest benefit... is being able to talk to Jed - to actually get to know the individual behind the products

Mike & Michelle

...the quality of workmanship is fantastic - very very impressed...

Hev and Craig from Kent

These are my first JPOL items, but certainly wont be the last.


To say that I am over the moon with my purchase is an understatement...

Nick Williams

...a good range for men who usually have problems finding suitable clothes 'in the scene'...

Julie Taylor, London

Often get compliments re the clothes about how original and well made they look.

Don AKA Nutty, Sussex

The pinstripes! The cut! The eye-popping green satin! The zippers! Those adjusting straps!

Husbondi, Warwickshire