What's the Jed Phoenix of London ethos when it comes to sustainability?

Jed Phoenix of London doesn't pretend to be carbon neutral, but here are some of the eco-friendly and sustainability practices that are an integral part of the business:

* all JPOL designs come about when inspiration hits. Ideas are often sparked by the potential functionality of a garment rather than for the purpose of following fashion. As a result, Jed Phoenix of London doesn't follow the high turnover, disposable, fashion season model of the high street. This is good for you in that you get well thought out, quality designs that aren't time bound. It's also good for the planet because JPOL garments are less likely to end up in landfill along with out of fashion or poorly made garments.

* all JPOL garments are well made, as we intend them to last. We would rather use extra thread and take extra time over a garment to make it stronger than cut corners and have the clothes fall apart after a few washes or wears. If you're not happy with the quality of a garment you've received from Jed Phoenix of London, we want to know about it so we can rectify the problem for both you and future customers.

* natural light is used where possible in the Jed Phoenix of London studio. Energy saving lightbulbs are used at other times. The sewing machines and other equipment in the studio is powered by Ecotricity's 100% renewable Green Tariff.

* loose threads are collected and used to form the knots of the JPOL ties.

* promotional Jed Phoenix of London A6 flyers are printed on uncoated, recycled card (from August 2008).

* our Jed Phoenix of London carrier bags are made from paper from sustainable sources (from November 2008).

* JPOL uses releaseable, re-usable cable ties when setting up the framework of our stand at the events we attend (from June 2010).

* the small team of freelance seamstresses and assistants live locally and get public transport to the JPOL studio.

* Jed's commuting route to the studio is done on foot. Efficient use is made of the JPOL van, which is serviced every year, and runs on diesel.

* waste fabric is kept to a minimum, and the scraps that can't be used for Jed Phoenix of London hats, ties, pockets etc are sold via the We Sell Fabric Scraps website. Fabric scraps are also used by Miss Libby Rose for her eco sewing classes and workshops that are run on Surrey Docks City Farm.