The driving force behind this alternative clothing brand.

Jed Phoenix photoIf variety is the spice of life, then the life of Jed Phoenix is very spicy indeed. Since starting Obscure Labels, the predecessor to the alternative clothing brand Jed Phoenix of London, in 1999 with a loan from The Prince's Trust, it's been a rollercoaster of an adventure. It's a journey from printing and selling T-shirts in Camden Town, to making full outfits for the likes of Gary Numan, to being accepted by The Prince's Trust to become a volunteer mentor for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Along the way, Jed Phoenix has learnt how to design, draft patterns and sew in a way that creates a unique and long lasting brand of alternative clothing. She has learnt how to use the available resources to keep the business both sustainable and viable through tough economic times. It's all been a very organic and hands on evolution and this designer's passion for what she does shows through in the alternative clothes that she makes and the interactions she has with the ever increasing Jed Phoenix of London customer base. Jed has an input at every stage of the garment making process - designing, buying fabrics and trimmings, drafting patterns, sewing the sample, cutting pattern pieces etc - as well as editing and SEOing the website and selling at events. She even makes the tea!

And when JP isn't running JPOL?

Following on from her choice of study subjects in her late teens, JP has a continuing interest in personal development and the expanding of human potential. The field of psychology has been growing and widening it's remit over the past few decades and Jed finds this a fascinating subject. Whilst hands are kept busy in the studio making garments, the airwaves are often filled with podcasts about buddhism, evolutionary psychology, social sciences and other geekery.

In October 2007, Jed discovered Holosync meditation soundtracks and was so impressed with the results that, in January 2008, she signed up for the entire series of different levels (which will take around 10 years to complete). Holosync truly does reduce your stress levels and increases the threshold of what you can handle in life - take it from someone who's self employed! Holosync uses audio technology to create the brainwaves of a meditative state, so the head honcho at JPOL just sits back with her headphones on for an hour every day and let's "whatever happens be OK". There's a wealth of both scientific and anecdotal evidence to back up Centerpointe's claims that listening to Holosync on a daily basis will improve your emotional health. Highly recommended!

And if you consider you to be the Managing Director of You Incorporated, then you can see the link between personal development and business development. Can you really have one without the other?

In May 2010, Jed attended an interview at The Prince's Trust London HQ. Unlike in 1999, when it was all about getting funding to start a business, this interview was about whether the woman who ran JPOL would be suitable to mentor someone else, with the aid of The Prince's Trust, through the business start-up process. The interview was a success and in August 2010, Jed Phoenix was officially appointed as a Volunteer Business Mentor with The Prince's Trust.

Jed Phoenix - a passion for pinstripe and a hint of kink?

Jed's background and fashion training has been a little unconventional. To find out more about what Jed Phoenix did before setting up this alternative clothing brand, check out the company background.